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Introducing Auger Hawk

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The Auger Hawk C441© helical screw pile torque, thrust, angle rpm measurement system is a wireless completely contactless highly accurate torque sensor for those who need to confidently measure and verify heavy duty torque for insertion of helical screw piles.

Since 2013, The C441 Helical Screw Pile Torque Measurement Systems (and its predecessor C440) quickly become established as the industry standard for the Helical (Screw) Pile foundation insertion, Drilling and Digging industries and similar applications, where drilling performance and torque monitoring relating to pile insertion is of paramount importance.

Features and Benefits

The C441© is a completely non-contact TORQUE, thrust, angle, rpm, and depth measurement system, able to log all data including GPS satellite location when used with an Apple or Android compatible product tablet or Cell Phone.

Simple, easy to use and can be quickly installed or removed as required.  A highly accurate and hassle-free heavy measurement package, which is proven to be an essential tool for engineers who need to confidently measure and verify heavy duty torque on-site under the harshest conditions, such as in drilling performance monitoring applications


C441 Helical Screw Pile Torque Monitoring System Features

Our revolutionary design allows the operator and engineers to be able to show highly accurate data in real time:

  • Torque
  • RPM
  • Rotations
  • Highly accurate angle if insertion.
  • Thrust
  • Insertion depth values
  • Drilling performance monitoring and thrust measurement
  • Pile geographical unique location through GPS technology through the Mobile/Tablet application

Additionally, the system also provides:

  • Options for display of values as Imperial OR Metric (Lbs/Ft and Nm)
  • Logging of all data to simple files able to be viewed locally, and emailed at the touch of a button.
  • Auger Hawk Applications available free to download from Apple App store©, and Google Play©.

This application monitors WiFi enabled shaft mounted torque transducers. Displaying measured torque, shaft angle and RPM. It is able to log all raw transducer data during drilling operations and email the file to the operator.

Helical Screw Pile Torque Monitoring

In the past, a method of assessing the integrity of a helical screw pile was by estimating the hydraulic back pressure generated using visual hydraulic gauges and recording this data by hand.  This process was both time and labor intensive and generally had very poor accuracy of between 10-30%.

The C441 helical screw pile measurement system has an accuracy rating of better than 0.25% with its data wirelessly transmitted effortlessly to an Apple or Android app.  The data can also be emailed from within the apps and exported to other software including Microsoft Office programs, such as Excel, for easy analysis and storage.

The C441 Torque Monitoring System is easy to introduce to any Helical Screw Pile torque measurement system and allows for a far simpler, more accurate, efficient and reliable method of installation and reliable method of installation giving a greater sense of confidence in any foundation Piles being installed.

The Range







Calibrated Torque Rating10,000 (13,558)25,000 (33,895)60,000 (81,349)125,000 (169,477)250,000 (338,955)400,000 (542,327)Units
lb. ft (Nm)
Max Torque Rating12,000 (16,270)32,000 (43,386)67,000 (90,840)140,000 (189,815)265,000 (359,292)415,000 (562,664)Units
lb. ft (Nm)
Calibrated Thrust Rating33 (14,969)33 (14,969)33 (14,969)33 (14,969)33 (14,969)33 (14,969)Units
klbf (kgf)


  • What solutions can Datum Electronics offer to help me measure the torque on my helical screw pile installation?
    Datum’s Auger Hawk system is designed to allow helical screw pile operators to be able to record and prove the integrity and correct successful implementation of their machinery.  Quick and easy to install, Auger Hawk will show a range of parameters such as Torque, Angle, Thrust, RPM and depth monitoring all in one simple smartphone app.  Data is logged and can be stored in a database for later retrieval if required for monitoring and verification purposes.
  • Why would I need to measure the torque for my helical screw pile installation?
    This is needed to prove the integrity and correct successful installation of the screw pile, the Datum Auger Hawk system is quick and easy to install and will show accurate Torque in addition to other useful information like Angle, Thrust, RPM, rotations and monitor depth all in one easy app for your smart phone.  The data can be logged and saved for later use if needed for verification purposes

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