Advancing Motor Performance with Accurate Torque Measurement

Read how the EUFS team was able to improve motor performance (and vehicle dynamics) with highly accurate torque and shaft power data from a High-Spec Dynamometer, built in-house and featuring Datum M425 torque sensor and DUI.

Using a Torque Sensor To Test Motor and Gearbox Performance

Find out how Parvalux created a torque sensing solution, using Datum Torque Sensor, to compare theoretical analysis of their motor and gearbox combination, against actual performance on their new product line.

Dynamometer Torque Sensor Improves Motor Power Density

Explore how Ashwoods Electric Motors used an in-line dynamometer Torque Sensor to facilitate prototyping and development stages of their new electric motor technology by improving their power density.

Using accurate torque measurement for building ultra-high-performance motors

An ever-growing demand for electric vehicles, coupled with 65% of the electrical energy used in the industry consumed by electric motors, pressured the governments around the world to introduce MEPS (Minimum Energy Performance Standards)