Custom Design

Datum Electronics can offer custom solutions to solve your torque and shaft power measurement problems. Our bespoke services include:

  • CAD Design
  • Ground up design
  • High volume manufacturing
  • One off or full development / turnkey solutions

Custom Industrial Torque Sensors

Datum Electronics are able to provide both modular and custom designed torque and rotary strain measurement solutions, which can be complete as one off or as fully integrated OEM solutions.

In many cases, it is better to use an existing shaft or test rig and use custom industrial sensors instead. This process reduces the cost of fitting a conventional torque transducer and it improves the torque measurements, taken by maintaining the dynamics of the driveline.

Custom OEM Solutions

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) software is designed by the original manufacturer to be white-labeled — customised for the same look and feel of a particular brand’s products, allowing them to put their own stamp on it. OEM software allows you to introduce solutions without the high cost of software development.


Datum Electronics are able to provide both modular and custom industrial sensors, as well as reaction and rotary strain measurement solutions. The solutions range from an installation on a specific shaft or coupling on a test rig to the full design of an integrated system for a drive system. Engineered solutions can be complete as a one-off torque sensor or as fully integrated OEM solutions.

We have also designed and built the world’s largest torque transducer of 12 MNm.

With over 30 years of experience, Datum Electronics have completed over 1,000 such designs and will probably have something approximately close to your requirements in our library. If you would like to discuss an application, where you believe a custom torque sensor design would be of benefit, please call our technical sales team or email us a drawing or sketch of the shaft and its location, including as much information as possible.

We also provide production sensors in high volume for our OEM customers.

Let us help you

Custom engineering solutions are our speciality, we have been successfully providing flexible solutions to meet emerging markets and customers needs for many years by:

  • Modifying or customising our standard products to fit into a customer’s requirements
  • Developing new products from existing components and parts
  • Adapting standard products to integrate into existing machinery or application
  • Designing and manufacturing one-off design projects

Talk to our team

Get in touch with our sales team at to discuss your custom project or OEM solution. We can meet with you over a video meeting to get your full requirements and develop full costs and planning for your desired solution.