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Marine & Shipping – Vessel Efficiency Monitoring

Our Marine Torsionmeters and Shaft Power Meters measure on-shaft torque as well as shaft power of drive and propeller shafts. They’re highly adaptable and offer a range of outputs to suit your requirements.


Our torque & power measurement solutions have been successfully used in many automotive applications including efficiency trials, condition monitoring and power take off measurement to name just a few.

Aerospace & Defence

Our torque and power measurement solutions have been tested to both UK Defstan & MIL SPEC standards and successfully applied up to the higher standards required for both Military and Aerospace applications.

Pump, Valve, Motor & Engine

Our range of torque measurement solutions has been successfully used for various test rig applications, including electric motor testing, hydraulic pump testing, and a multitude of other applications.

Mixers & Mixing

Our range of torque & power measurement solutions work with industrial mixing equipment, where live accurate torque data has allowed for better control and understanding of the mixing process.

Civil Engineering

We have successfully worked within Civil Industry field manufacturers who are looking to measure torque in more rugged environments than test houses and are suitable for out in the field use.


Our Naval Torsion Meter has passed both DEFSTAN and MILSPEC classification, allowing us to supply our products to navies worldwide providing them with the best data to help fuel efficiency and reduce costs.

Test Rig Sensors

Our inline Transducer range can accomodate nearly all test bench set ups including keyway shafts, flanged couplings and completely non-contact solutions, creating a flexible approach to test rig measurement.

Green & Renewables

Our torque transducers are used in multiple renewable energy applications, providing accurate measurements of torque, speed & power measurements transferable to the propellers of wind turbines.