measuring torque in civil engineering industry

Civil Engineering Sensors

Datum Electronics have long worked within the Civil Industry field both as a seller and supplier to other manufacturers who are looking to measure torque in more rugged environments than test houses.

We offer a standard range of torque transducers which are rugged and suitable for out in the field use, alternatively, we are always keen to take our standard modular solutions and work to a new solution.

Torque Measurement in Rugged Environments

Datum Electronics has been involved in the Civil Engineering field as a manufacturer of torque measurement instrumentation for many years.  In a discipline where both accuracy and time management are critical it makes sense to choose products that are designed especially for use in rugged environments, whilst being easy to install and manage.

Auger Hawk

Auger Hawk is an extremely accurate contactless torque sensor for measuring thrust, shaft angle and revolutions – ideal for implementation on screw piles.  All raw transducer data can be logged during drilling operations for later analysis.

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring

Datum’s Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System is designed for use both with onshore and offshore wind turbines to detect and prevent failures in components such as the generators, gearboxes and rotor bearings.  We have designed these products to provide highly accurate real-time monitoring and analysis to enable repairs to be scheduled at an early stage to avoid unexpected call-outs and downtime.

Load Cell Amplifiers (Conditioners)

Our range of Load Cell Amplifiers are designed to boost signals generated by strain gauge load cells, pressure transducers or torque sensors enabling users to utilise the data generated in a more efficient and productive way.  Sporting a choice of digital outputs including 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS232 and RS485, we offer the ideal product for any industrial process automation or weighing application.

Datum Connect App

Datum Connect is our unique mobile app for configuration of and logging data from our range of torque sensors.  Users can monitor torque sensors in real time in a format of their choosing, in a simple and easy to use handheld application ideal for use in civil engineering environments.