Adding to the vast knowledge and skills here at Datum, we would like to introduce new Engineering Manager, Adrian Coventry. Having joined us only at the beginning of January, he is spearheading a new facet of our best-in-class technology for concrete structure monitoring. Adrian Coventry has over 30 years of experience working with bespoke solutions involving load cells in a diverse range of industries such as oil and gas, nuclear, rail, civil and aerospace.

Having worked previously as the engineering Director at Strainstall, another innovator in on and offshore load measurement solutions, Adrian brings a fantastic understanding of the use of data to monitor all kinds of situations. One of the more unique projects that he has been spearheading is concrete monitoring for large structures specifically in areas of the world where snowfall is prevalent.

The innovative technology named Snow Hawk uses a newly patented bolt on sensor design to monitor structures such as hockey stadiums in the US and Canada or large shopping malls in Scandinavia and the northern hemisphere, that can be damaged due to heavy snowfall and the load that this creates on a structure. There have been instances where the density of snow on these structures have caused considerable damage and even collapses which pose a serious health and safety concern in these regions.

Providing reliable data

Snow Hawk has been designed to give the maintenance team clear and reliable data so that they can make important decisions regarding removal of large loads of snow at the right times, rather than relying on unreliable visual monitoring of the situation, helping to divert possible disaster.

In addition to this, Adrian is currently exploring the application of Datum products such as our Shaft Power measurement solutions to be used in  hazardous areas. Designing equipment to be used in these areas is a highly complex task as the products have to be designed to ensure they cannot ignite the explosive atmosphere. Adrian’s history with load cell design for extreme, harsh and hazardous areas are really helping us develop even more robust products for these conditions.

To find out more about Adrian, why not connect with him on linkedin at:

Snow hawk

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