Datum Electronics the specialists in supplying torque measuring solutions have introduced another industry leading product; the C440.  The C440 is an accurate heavy duty torque inspection tool which brings of accurate torque measurement to many civil engineering applications.  A completely non-contact torque sensor which is simple and easy to use and easy to install/remove where necessary.  The C440 is  not only a hassle free accurate torque measuring package it is an essential tool for those who need to measure and confidently verify heavy duty torque

The C440 has shown that it is not just a solution but is the future for measuring torque in the screw helical piling industry.  The accepted method of assessing the integrity of a screw pile is by estimating the torque generated by the screw pile by measuring the hydraulic back pressure generated using visual hydraulic gauges. This system may have an accuracy rating of only 10 to 30%; Datum’s C440 torque solution gives a live, working accuracy of less than 1% with the data displayed wirelessly to a rugged PDA or laptop. The data can easily be taken and exported to Windows programs such as Excel for analysis and storage.

The C440’s flexibility lends itself easily to many other applications where large drilling and excavation machinery is used in a civil engineering environment.  The accuracy and its ability to wirelessly log and record data, allows companies the security that they have used an accurate method of measuring torque and be able to provide the records whenever the need arises.  Datum Electronics can now offer another practical torque measurement solution to the marketplace with the C440 quickly bring adopted as another standard solution for the industry.

c440 wireless screw pier torque monitoring system
using c440 heavy duty wireless torque monitoring system

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