Its BEEA (British Engineering Excellence Awards) week all week! We are excited to see what the week brings from some of the best engineering businesses on our shores and are specifically looking forward to Wednesday 24th March when we find out who will be celebrated as the winner of the Small Company of the year category.

We are proud to be a part of this category among such a diverse range of small businesses such as: 123 Insight, Bark Engineering, CircuitWorx, Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK), Midstream Lighting, Partners in Packaging Machines Systems, Ridgway Machines and Spaceships

The Small company category is all about showing the growth of your business, how businesses like Datum compete with larger businesses in the same field with quality products and service. Engineering Solutions live is sponsoring the category, fitting as one of the UK’s well known trade shows for engineering technology.

Award post

If you want to celebrate BEEA Week with Datum then check out the schedule of announcement below and keep in touch on our social channels (Facebook, LinkedIn) as we celebrate a week of engineering success:

Monday 22nd March, 11am GMT
Consultancy of the Year
Design Team of the Year
Engineering Ambassador of the Year

Tuesday 23rd March, 11am GMT
Electronic Product of the Year
Mechanical Product of the Year

Wednesday 24th March, 11am GMT
Materials Application of the Year
Small Company of the Year

Thursday 25th March, 11am GMT
Start-Up of the Year
Young Design Engineer of the Year

Friday 26th March, 11am GMT
BEEAs Special Award for Design Engineering
Grand Prix 2020

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