The Datum Connect App is now LIVE! Available on IOS and Android devices you can now access wireless torque monitoring direct to their smart device!

A standard feature for all new sensor orders and similarly, customers with existing sensors can easily upgrade their hardware.

One-Click Connect – Connect to a torque sensor with a single click of a button, using a high speed Wi-Fi connection. Enabling instant Wireless Torque Monitoring and logging.

Live Data – see dynamic wireless torque monitoring information in 3 different formats and graphical representations, simply scroll left and right to change to suit your requirement.

Real-Time Logging – Datum Connect also allows you to log your data in real time and share instantly via the logs via email.

Datum Connect OutNow

Analogue Output -RS, FF, M425 Series of torque sensors permit scalable analogue outputs, in addition the App allows you to easily change from 4-20mA, 0-5V, and 0-10V bipolar.

Visual Alarms – display visual alarms connected directly to your wireless torque monitoring levels. For instance, see in real time when readings are running close to warning levels and ensure a fast response to issues before they develop.

Instant support – Have a question or a problem? Send direct to our support team from the app, copy settings and upload to the cloud. The result? Immediate support and assistance form one of our sales team.

All existing sensors can be upgraded! Subsequently return your sensor now and receive a discounted upgrade price.

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