Datum Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Gladdis as our New Commercial Marine Product Manager. Mark has been at Datum for thirteen years and brings with him a wealth of experience in the marine industry, including practical involvement aboard many vessels.

Datum Electronics is a global product leader and innovator in torque & shaft power measurement solutions, with a focus on developing highly accurate and easy-to-install torque and shaft power measurement systems aimed at improving vessel fuel efficiency, emissions and operating costs.

Mark has gained a depth of experience in the testing, integration, installation and commissioning of Datum commercial marine shaft power measurement systems and flow meters for P&O, Cunard, Princess Cruises, Holland America, P&O Australia and Oldendorff Carriers. He also has been working on the design and development of Datum naval marine torsion meters for our military customers, including the UK MOD, Royal Navy, Australian, Indian, Korean Navy and Rolls Royce Marine.

With the growing concern over greenhouse gases, consumption of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) devoted significant time and effort to control marine GHG and CO2 emissions, promoting the use of more energy efficient equipment and engines. Looking to improve ship efficiency, IMO developed and introduced two mandatory mechanisms:  Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) for different ship types and segments.

Datum commercial marine shaft power measurement systems are specifically designed to address fuel efficiency, giving an actual power measurement directly from the shaft, allowing for true SFOC readings when combined with fuel measurement with flow meters. The commercial marine shaft power meter provides customers with the data to assist with operational efficiency plans and improve their maintenance scheduling. Other benefits of shaft power meters include real-time measurement to assist with the hull and prop conditioning, helping ship owners and operators comply with ever-tightening regulations regarding energy efficiency.

torque and power measurement system for rotating shafts

In his new role, Mark will be heavily involved in the fulfilment of customer needs and requirements by ensuring that systems are delivered and installed on the ship with a minimum of disruption. He will also be the key channel for feedback to Datum’s product development team who are constantly enhancing and growing the Datum’s product range of marine shaft power meter systems.

Within current development programs, Mark currently working with the Datum engineering team on the development of a new, high-accuracy and easy-to-install shaft power meters with additional diagnostic features to monitor propeller, shaft and engine condition, engine performance monitoring and hull fouling, enabling customers to save costs on fuel and maintenance – Diesel Hawk. This exciting development is focused on constant watch on the tuning and condition of diesel engines by monitoring high-frequency torsional forces, generated by the engine.

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