Datum Torque Measurement Consultancy Group

Datum Electronics Limited has launched a new torque measurement consultancy group. The consultancy group are able to offer advice on a range of topics including the integration of torque sensors into OEM machinery, the measurement of torque in difficult and extreme environments, the measurement of torsional vibration and small fluctuations.

datum electronics consultancy group for torque measurement

The group will call on the expertise of the design team who have in the last ten years completed projects around the world to integrate sensors into test rigs, machinery, vehicles, process vessels. The group will also be able to call on 4 associated engineers with over 120 years of expertise who have worked with Datum Electronics in recent years to measure torque and strain at high rpm’s, high temperatures, on aircraft, helicopters, ships and much more.

The individual specialists have four specific areas of experience in: Test Rig Design, High Speed Rotary Systems, Data Analysis, Energy Saving Programs and Strain Gauge Applications this coupled with Datum own engineering teams expertise in transducer design, sensor interface electronics, small signal transmission and analysis will have a solution to most torque measurement requirements.

If you have a specific torque or power measurement requirement that you would like to discuss with a member of the team or send to Datum Electronics in writing we will be please to assist you. We can either provide advice on a simple problem or provide a proposal to work through a more in depth investigation with you.

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