The products that will utilise the functionality of the interface are:

control panel interface for its entire torque sensor range 1

The new interface will enable direct access for setup and data acquisition via Ethernet. This facility will allow sensors to be tested and integrated remotely in control rooms; it will also allow access to collect data remotely from any terminal worldwide once the interface is connected to a network with an assigned IP address.

The interface has a display that shows all of the basic outputs of torque, RPM and Power and diagnostics. This display gives the installation engineer real data values at the primary installation point on the test rig, engine, machine or shaft under test.

The interface has a 4 full definable analogue outputs, with the option to select the inputs Torque, RPM, Power, Strain and link these to a choice of 4-20mA, 4-12-20mA, +/-10Vdc, +/-5Vdc, 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc

Additional features on the interface are an RS485/232 signal data output, a USB interface for local configuration (this duplicates the functions available through the Ethernet connection), an external tacho sensor supply and input.

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