It isn’t a secret that sustainability is a key driver of innovation within trade and the Isle of Wight is no exception. As a worldwide manufacturer and provider of torque measurement equipment and shaft power measurement solutions, Datum Electronics has been working to develop greener products and making their operations more sustainable.

Datum’s customer-base is truly international and with the express intention of reducing their carbon footprint, the company has recently invested in the Cisco Spark Board, to aid their global communications.

Cisco Spark is a comprehensive communication suite, including messaging, meeting and conference-calling. It’s designed to govern and control all communications within an organisation – even between offices – so that experts from many different locations can easily contact each other from anywhere.

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Malcolm Habens, MD of Datum Electronics stated: “Our projects often involve organisations with multiple offices worldwide. The ability to host virtual meetings with screen sharing and instant collaborative drawing, with multiple customers discussing projects at various stage of the product life-cycle makes Cisco Spark an indispensable tool.”

For those unfamiliar with the Cisco Spark technology, it can be accessed via a desktop or mobile devices and allows for simple and clear business communications all in one work space.

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The system benefits also include:

  • Instant and Schedule Video Conference Meetings
  • File Sharing
  • Collaborative Digital Whiteboarding
  • Instant Message Window
  • Wireless Presentation
  • Screenshot and Drawing collaboration tools

The cost of the Cisco Spark system has already been offset against the company’s international travel, whilst significantly reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and speed-to-market, which has helped them operate in such a competitive market.

In addition, Datum Electronics works with a number of customers, whose data is classified and so information security is of paramount concern. Unlike other cloud-based video-conference technologies, Cisco Spark ensures that data is safely encrypted end-to-end, from within the desktop or mobile application to when it’s on the way to Cisco Servers. This extra benefit has allowed the company to ensure the security of their non-disclosure agreements and gain the trust of a number of new clients.

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