By bringing together the expertise of Datum Electronics Ltd in supply of Ship Torsion Meters and Shaft Power Meters, and the experience and knowledge of Easy Marine and their suite of products, we can now offer the Marine market what it needs. A complete solution!

We can now provide a scalable and simple package for Vessel power, fuel efficiency, monitoring and emissions reductions, including all necessary hardware, software and support.

With flexibility to be tailored to customer individual needs, each system uses actual real time shaft Power data to provide the feedback required enabling the accurate control of a vessel’s systems and even a complete fleets Fuel usage and emissions.

Information is immediately available to the ship’s crew for adjustment of the vessels engine systems, and also via upload to shore for monitoring and analysis.

Full reports are also available and generated post charter, for historical feedback on ships performance for particular charters as verification.

By offering Datum Electronics’ Torsion meter systems, Easy Marine can now offer fully accurate real time data, meaning even greater savings of up to 15% on fuel alone.

Paul Lynch, Sales Manager at Datum Electronics said

“We have been providing ships torsion and shaft power meter systems to the Marine industry for many years now, both commercially and with our fully approved Military systems, but what was always apparent was a need to provide Marine customers with the “whole package” in certain cases.

By bringing together our expertise with the hardware, and Easy Marines experience within the market for Ships software and systems provision and support, we can offer a really competitive package that any Marine customer can use in real-time to save both Fuel and reduce emissions, quickly simply and effectively.”

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