Datum Electronics is committed to creating sustainable growth, through the development of our innovative engineering products and sensors. Over the past 30 years, we have devoted our efforts to developing products geared towards improving operational efficiency, facilitating lower energy, reducing fuel consumption and reducing waste.

In an effort to create a future, where the next generation of engineers are equipped to combat the challenges of global warming, providing clean, accessible water, and cheaper environmentally friendly energy, we are happy to be partnering with Oakfield Primary School.

Datum Electronics tasks students to manufacture bespoke circuit boards as part of STEM 1024x765 1

The Isle of Wight has always played an important role in science and engineering, from Robert Hooke, who discovered the Law of Elasticity and John Milne the Father of Seismology, to the development of the first hovercraft at Saunders-Roe and the first paid telegram sent by Marconi, from the first radio station.

We are proud to be contributing to this engineering heritage and believe that encouraging young people to pursue careers in engineering and science, will benefit all of society. As a result, we actively participate in projects, aimed at highlighting the importance of engineering and STEM education.

One such project, which we are partnering with Oakfield Primary School, tasks students to manufacture bespoke circuit boards, for their tri-coloured LED project. Datum Electronics is not only organising this challenge, but also funding it and we are delighted to hear how excited the students are.

We understand the benefit of investing in research and are currently working with Strathclyde University on a ground-breaking technology, for marine engine condition monitoring.

Investing now, in the next generation of engineers, will not only benefit Datum Electronics over the next 30 years, but also the Isle of Wight.

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