Datum Electronics is proud to announce Vetec A / S, a leading developer of load cells and customised weighing as a new distributor for our product range in Denmark, Scandinavia and Germany. Vetec is the latest in a line of new distributors and partnerships with Datum which will work to continue to expand the promotion of our innovative product range across the globe.

Vetec A / S have 25 years of experience in the load monitoring and industrial weighing markets. The team is based in Odense, Denmark but are working globally to provide products and solutions for their customers across geographic markets.

“By entering into this partnership, we further expand the portfolio of innovative, cost-effective, high-quality torque measurement solution that are available to our customers, especially when it comes to the versatility and user-friendliness of our equipment.”

says Lars Petersen CEO at Vetec A / S.

“The applications of Datum’s products including the use of IoT will only grow with time. We have for a long time worked purposefully to adapt our standard solution to different customer types. With access to Datum’s product platform, we can reach new customers with innovative solutions that were not previously cost-effective.”

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This latest move will see the teams work together to provide innovative concrete monitoring solutions by using Datums best in class data driven sensors to help with specific issues in the regions Vetec covers.

James Lees, Managing Director at Datum Electronics added,

“Having previously worked with Vetec A/S on a number of successful joint projects in both the weighing and condition monitoring markets, I just knew that our innovative product range would absolutely add value to Vetec’s already fruitful offering. Our products will complement their current solutions and in many cases spearhead further sales and installation opportunities between our two organisations, to the betterment of customers in varying markets all over the world.

Vetec have an extensive skillset of sales engineers that can provide both individual product sales and also complete solution sales to encompass the exact needs of clients. I look forward to continuing to work with the Team at Vetec in supporting their solutions to the benefit of their customers in all markets, especially the silo weighing, wind condition and container weighing segments.”

For further information on Datum Electonics products visit www.datum-electronics.co.uk/products/

To find out more about Vetec A / S Visit www.vetec.dk

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