We pride ourselves on the ability to solve problems with innovative solutions. In recent times, whilst we have all been going through the covid pandemic there has been less opportunity for our engineers to go to other countries to help with onsite installation and support. Airports have been closed or limiting people going from one country to the next which got us thinking about a better solution for such support. Therefore, we have introduced Datum Virtual Support or VS for short.  This innovative solution means we can support our clients with installation, commissioning and support through the use of Microsoft’s state-of-the-art HoloLens headset.

The head unit allows us to support our customers anywhere in the world at any time to instantly see system stats and live data to alert them to any potential issues on the horizon. In addition, our customers can contact our head office technical staff through HoloLens who are able to give support and guidance remotely, being able to see exactly what our customers can see.

With Datum VS we can become our customers virtual eye, giving them peace of mind and the knowledge that they have a team ready and able to support virtually. Here are a few of the benefits of Datum VS:

  • Remote installation support
  • Permits local teams to attend site whilst travel prohibited
  • A greener solution, as the reduction of travel means an improvement on co2 emissions adding to our innovation to sustainability ethos
  • Ongoing support for future on call activities
  • A virtual engineer assistant with you at all times
  • It can be done from anywhere in the world 
  • When linked with Datum Hawk the VS solution can show live dynamic engine data to engineers in the engine room in real time

All our VS packages include hardware, initial installation and virtual support and commissioning with the ability to add extended support hours as required and pay as you go options also available.

For more information on how Datum VS can help you, contact our sales team on +44(0)1983 282834 or web@datum-electronics.co.uk

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