Having a long established presence in the UK, USA, Asia and Europe (see the list of our distributors), we are proud to provide our professional service and high-quality products in torque and shaft power measurement solutions. Our talented and dedicated team is continuously working on design, development and manufacture of torque sensors and transducers, bolt-on and strain gauge sensors, shaft power measurement systems, marine torsion meters and other associated systems.   Our latest case study reveals how they used a Datum M425 Torque Sensor to prove their new helicopter refill pump efficiency by accurate measurement of shaft power.

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Kawak Aviation Technologies has developed a new line of “Jet Pump” (or JP) series helicopter refill system, allowing to draw water from practically any accessible water resource, decrease refilling cycle times without a need for landing and use the motor as the driver of an air conditioning system.   To perform accurate testing, they required a reliable product to measure shaft torque and speed on the motor and needed to make a choice between purchasing a commercial dynamometer or a highly accurate and reliable non-contact torque transducer. After making a comparison between products available on the market and consulting with the manufacturing partner, the Kawak team decided to use the Datum Electronics M425 Torque Transducer.  

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As a result of the accurate measurement of motor pump efficiency, the Kawak team was able to create new uses for the motor, namely as the driver of an air conditioning system where there is potential for much larger sales. Today, new JP series refill system a leap forward allowing Kawak to increase efficiency, sharpen reliability and improve the performance of the refill pump.   You can read the full case study here: Kawak Aviation: Proving Pump Efficiency by the Accurate Measurement of Torque    Looking for an opportunity to increase the efficiency of electrical and mechanical equipment or enhance its operational longevity or save money? Our M425 Torque Transducer is designed to fit most applications and solutions requiring rotary and static torque and power measurement and you can get your quote today.

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