The Datum Electronics’ “Commercial Marine Torsion Meter” (MTM)  now offers even more flexibility and control to customers who want measure Power and/or torque. The new programmable touchscreen interface not only delivers the expected real time displays of Torque, Speed and Power, but gives the customer options to personalise their new system with its customisable functions for outputs, including recording all the Torsion Meter Data data to a removable memory device.

The Commercial Marine Torsion Meter is an  innovative, simple and easy to install, non-intrusive torsion meter system, allowing customers to measure shaft Torque, rpm and Power on a variety of output shafts including; Azimuth Thruster, Traditional Propeller, intermediate shafts, and Voith Schnieder propeller and  Alternator shafts.  Higher RPM can also be catered for.

commercial marine shaft power meter control unit 300x300 1

Production is not limited in shaft diameter, indeed, shafts in excess of 1.5 metres can be catered for, down as low as 150mm. the unique modular rotor design allows any shaft diameter to be measured without the need for unique part supply and manufacture.
The single point stator (SPS) design allows the Torsion Meter to be installed quickly and simply with minimal space required and disruption to the surrounding areas.  The Kit has been designed for easy installation, not requiring a whole team of Specialist engineers with one trained engineer being able to complete installation on single systems in 1* or 2 days. (*Subject to on-site conditions and temperatures for gauging).

With the inclusion of the latest programmable touchscreen, the Commercial Marine Torsion Meter increases its  appeal by offering the widest selection of outputs of any system in use today, allowing easy integration into almost any ships systems, including; RS485, Analogue (e.g. 4-20mA 0-10VDC), Modbus and Ethernet, Local USB access and RS232.

The addition of local data storage for backup purposes and collection of raw data is also another benefit beyond what is available from our competitors.

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