7 Reasons an M425 Rotating Torque Sensor is a Go-To Solution on The Torque Sensor Market

In the last two decades, torque and shaft power measurement have become an important factor to assess energy and fuel efficiency, to decrease the cost of equipment maintenance, especially in automotive, marine and aviation industries. Like the industries themselves, methods to measure torque are becoming more accurate, reliable and sophisticated.

The popularity of non-contact rotary torque sensors has increased exponentially as they are the most precise and affordable method of measuring torque across different industries. We at Datum Electronics have been working to create highly accurate cost-effective torque sensing solutions and developed an M425 Series rotating torque sensor, to fulfill your shaft power measurement needs. So, what’s so good about an M425 rotary torque sensor? Here are 7 features that make it your go-to product in 2018:

Non-Contact Torque Data Transmission

A non-contact transmission system provides a digital output, directly proportional to torque, providing you with a highly stable, noise immune, easily accessible and accurate data. This makes the series M425 digital torque sensor more reliable than other commercially available products with reduced signal interference from external sources.

Easy to Install

Unlike Disk Transducers, the M425 inline dynamic torque sensor has been designed with standard keyway shafts for easy installation with any drivetrain set up. Due to its longer shafts, it allows a greater flexibility in terms of alignment necessary to reduce loads on the bearings.

High Accuracy & Repeatability

The rotary M425 rotating torque sensor gives you control over sample rates selectable at any time from standard 100 sps to 4,000 sps. It also has 14 standard torque ranges, that offers high resolution and accuracy across the complete torque measurement range, from as little as 0-10Nm and up to 60,000 Nm.


Paired the Datum Universal Interface (DUI), an M425 rotating torque sensor provides you with torque, power & speed data outputs in a format of your choosing (analogue, serial, Ethernet and USB). The DUI has a built-in LED display presenting you with data without the need for any additional processing electronics, as well as ability to log locally to a USB memory stick.

M425 family Group 1024x617 1
Datum Electronics – M425 Rotating Torque Sensor Range

Ideal for dynamometers, test rigs and test benches

Today calibrating tools and equipment are a must for every manufacturer.  The M425 rotating torque sensor offers the ability to log information to a USB stick up to 64 GB; to run extensive data analysis, prognostics and maintenance models to boost equipment operational efficiency.


At Datum Electronics, we focus on finding the best way to make our product highly reliable and accurate, as well as affordable. The M425 rotary torque sensor is competitively priced and serves as a complete shaft power measurement kit for most automotive, and torque testing and marine applications.

Well supported

We at Datum Electronics Ltd have been developing and supporting torque and shaft power measurement solutions for almost 30 years. We have a team of experienced professionals who deliver set up, installation and commissioning of our M425 torque sensors and offer a 24/7 online support.

Torque measuring devices can and have been used in a number of different industries for very different reasons. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to increase the efficiency of the electrical and mechanical equipment, enhance operational longevity or save money, an M425 torque sensor is designed to fit with most applications and solutions, requiring rotary torque and shaft power measurement. If you want to know if it’s right for you, give our sales team a call on +44 (0) 1983 282834 or drop them an email to web@datum-electronics.co.uk

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