Datums Torque Test Rig

Datum Electronics have taken delivery of the largest vertical torque calibration machine in the UK. The machine will enable the company to calibrate Torque Transducers up to 200,000Nm with a high degree of accuracy.

The machine has been designed and developed in conjunction with Mole Designs chief designer Kerry Wall (former head of GKN Environmental Testing). The equipment has a capability to apply torque of up to 200,000Nm to Torque Sensors and Transducers up to 1 meter in diameter.

Calibration up to 200,000Nm

test rig facility

The loading and measurement system provides four working ranges of 2,000-30,000Nm, 10,000-64,000Nm, 20,000-125,000Nm and 20,000 -200,000Nm. The torque monitoring system is based sets of 6 load cells configured to provide the total torque applied to the torque transducer under test. Each load cell applies its load on a precise radius. The loading and display system allows fine adjustment of the load applied to ensure that the torque is driven precisely through the axis of the cell.


The transducer under test is mounted on a free running rotary table and constrained at one end by the rig structure. Balanced forces are applied to the rotary table and transmitted to the transducer under test.

The forces and the point of application of these forces are accurately measured to provide an overall measurement of the torque applied.

datum test rig facility

For each measurement range two sets of three load cells record the force applied to an accuracy of 0.02% (1:5000) for the full scale of the range. The radius of each loading point is measured to 0.05mm which is 1:10000 of the total loading radius. Each torque measurement takes the sum of three loads and three radii.

Manufacture of Torque Sensors

Datum Electronics manufacture torque transducers both rotary and static for loads up to 500,000Nm the new facility will allow for the in-house calibration of these transducers. The company also provides a service to convert existing machinery components and couplings into torque transducers. These conversions can be either made at the Datum factory or on site as with large marine shaft installations (up to 1100mm diameter) or large power plant installations.

The facility has been installed to service the requirements of Datum’s customer base in power generation, mixing, drilling, marine propulsion systems and general heavy engineering. The demands from the industry for more accurate measurements of power and drive torque can now be met.

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