We are happy to announce that HND-Multilab Co., Ltd. has been appointed as a distributor of Datum Electronics products in South Korea. The distribution agreement entitles HND-Multilab the right to sell Datum industrial products, including torque sensors, bolt-on strain, load & weight sensors, as well as their multiple shaft power measurement solutions.

Penny Downer, Sales Executive at Datum Electronics, said: “Datum Electronics has been growing most positively and our expanding network of distributors has played a pivotal role in this success. We pride ourselves on working with highly professional and knowledgeable companies globally, who understand the importance of torque and shaft power measurement solutions. The passion and drive HND demonstrate is very encouraging, and we are excited about our future projects together”.

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The HND-Multilab team has almost 20 years of experience in selling dynamometer and torque measurement solutions to a wide range of customers in Korea and last year, the company started looking for a new partner in accurate torque measurement.

Kim Hak Yun of HND-Multilab said: “We were really impressed with Datum Electronics products. Their product range uses cutting-edge and reliable technology, as well as competitive pricing and fast delivery. These factors are very important for Korean customers and we’re sure, that with the active promotion, they will be positively welcomed on our market.”

Kim Hak Yun added: “Another of Datum’s strong points is their authority in the marine market. As you may know, South Korea is a world leader in the shipbuilding industry and we believe that Datum shaft power meters is market leading in assisting ship owners and operators improve the sustainability of the maritime industry, especially from economic and environmental perspectives.”

The Korean company is also certified to promote Datum Marine Shaft Power Meter systems, which have been successfully implemented in the shipping industry for the past decade. Due to its flexible design, Datum Shaft Power meter can be installed on various shafts starting from 150mm and, making it a popular choice among fishing vessels, bulk carriers, cruise liners, and even luxury yachts.

Datum Electronics showcased their shaft power meter and its capabilities in Rotterdam at Europort this month. The solution was very well received by the marketplace with multiple quotations for systems now delivered worldwide. The benefits of the product solution were apparent for all to see, being the product that is most accurate, most reliable, fastest to install and speediest to deliver to end users benefitting from its stocked modular design.

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If you’re in South Korea, you can contact Kim Hak Yun and his sales team:

#608 Woosung wirye tower 328, Wiryegwangjang-ro, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
+82 602 0042

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