Following on from the highly successful M420, the latest range of Torque Transducers from Datum Electronics Ltd. gives our customers a high quality series of transducers and interface options that allows the user to configure the transducer and connect it to their own systems.

The Datum M425 transducer range available from 10Nm through to 60,000 Nm, with the new Series 425 Electronics allows the torque to be sampled at 24bit with sample rates customer selectable from4 to 4000 samples per second.

M425 family Group 1024x617 1

The user interface hardware (Datum UniversalInterface or “DUI”) has connectivity for Ethernet, Serial, Modbus, USB as well as 4 channels of analogue outputs ( 4-20mA, +/-10V, +/-5Vdc 0-10Vdc). It also has a built in display of Torque, RPM and Shaft Power plus a transducer status. In addition to its normal USB PC connection there is also a second USB port dedicated for logging to a memory stick up to 64Gb.

The FREE PC based graphical user interface (“GUI”) gives a display of the data, logging options and the ability to configure all aspects of the transducer and interface. As this PC interface will communicate via Ethernet to the transducer hardware interface, data can be read remotely and settings can be modified by the customer simply and easily.

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