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Malcolm Habens, managing Director of Datum Electronics, is speaking about developments in Shaft Power Measurement at the “Low-Cost Monitoring to Optimise Propulsion Efficiency” workshop at the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute on Wednesday the 25th of April, 2017. The workshop, hosted by the MOVE (Monitoring for Operational Vessel Efficiency) Project, aims to raise awareness about an easily installed monitoring system, able to capture real-time torque, speed and thrust data on propulsion and auxiliary power trains. The MOVE project’s solution addresses the challenges of rising fuel costs, as well as regulations and concerns about carbon emissions, initially targeting the commercial work boat sector.

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Although the technology to collect this data already exists, usually it’s time-consuming to install and requires quite specific skills. In an industry where time is at a premium, an accurate shaft torque measurement system that can be easily retro-fitted by a fitter, electrician or a crew member, in less than an hour, is commercially more attractive to vessel owners and operators. The MOVE’s technology will allow operators to optimise vessel performance by maximising cost-effectiveness, through improved selection of propulsion and generation systems. Additionally, it will enhance mission planning and enable better-targeted maintenance.

Malcolm Habens, Managing Director of Datum Electronics, states: “Innovate UK was able to identify a critical gap in the marine industry and inspired us to come up with a cutting-edge solution, to make the installation of marine torsion meters much easier for vessel owners”.

Started in January 2016, the MOVE Project is currently carrying out sea trials on two pilot vessels, collecting data as they are performing their operational duties. Further testing of the technology will commence soon aboard a Wind Farm Support Vessel.

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