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We have long been involved in the Civil Engineering field as a seller as well as a supplier of torque measurement instruments to manufacturers who want to measure torque in more rugged environments. In a discipline where both accuracy and time management are crucial, quality equipment have the utmost importance. We have a variety of products that are suitable within Civil Engineering and energy markets. These products are simple to install while being also cost effective and time efficient. We give a rundown below to whet your appetite.

The Auger Hawk C441©

In addition to measuring torque, thrust, angle and RPM, Auger Hawk C441* is a highly accurate, wireless, and completely contactless torque sensor that can firmly verify and confirm heavy duty torque for screw pile installation and insertion. While being an industry standard, it can also display shaft angle, RPM and is able to log all raw transducer data during drilling operations and email the file to the operator. You can find out more about Auger Hawk here.

Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System

Our wind turbine condition monitoring system is suitable for both offshore and onshore wind turbines and is designed to detect and prevent failures of generator, gearboxes and rotor bearing failures in wind turbines, by providing highly accurate real-time monitoring and analysis, so that staff schedules can be consulted and repairs carried out at an early stage, making considerable savings.

Load Cell Amplifier

Our load cell amplifier range allows users to boost (or amplify) a signal generated by strain gauge load cells with full bridge connections, pressure transducers, or torque sensors, so they can employ it more efficiently and productively. Check out our range of  amplifiers here.

Datum connect

Our unique Datum Connect app integrates the latest torque sensor technology while being the latest configuration and logging application. Datum Connect allows simple, quick and easy configuration of all Datum torque sensors, enabling users to see torque sensor outputs in real time in a format of their choosing. Compatible with a variety of our products. Information on our extensive range of sensors and transducers suited for Datum Connect can be found here.

Datum solution demonstrations

At Datum Electronics, we are happy to demonstrate or walk you through our product range. Give us a call on 01983 282834 or email web@datum-electronics.co.uk

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