Datum Electronics EEXI SHaPoLi interface example dashboard screen shot

Revolutionary EEXI Management Solution Launched

Datum Electronics has released a new shaft power limitation (SHaPoLi) EEXI Shaft Power System, providing the necessary features and functionality to comply with the MARPOL Annex VI, MEPC.335(76) EEXI regulations. The revolutionary new system offers dynamic shaft power measurement data from their well established SPM solution that automatically produces voyage reports in support of the regulatory port authority documentation requirements. Thus providing an easy and convenient way to evidence and ensure EEXI compliance.

Meeting EEXI Regulations

James Lees, Managing Director at Datum Electronics stated,

“Our new system is being delivered just at the right time when vessel owners are having to work hard to meet EEXI regulations and switch to a new way of referencing power exceedance. Sustainability is at the heart of the design in all of all our products at Datum and the limitation of power will in turn save fuel and reduce fuel emissions which is key to the future of ship operations. This module will not only provide real-time logs for adhering to legislation but also provide valuable data that vessel owners can use to improve operations and achieve fuel savings and efficiencies across multiple vessel types for years to come.”

Introducing the Datum EEXI Interface

Datum 1024 x 768 Alarm update

Available to Order Now

The module is available to order now and will work in conjunction with other Datum condition-based monitoring products such as Datum Hawk, which provides condition-based monitoring of the engine using digital twin analysis and dynamic torque measurements against baselines. Find out more here.

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