Calibration services from Datum Electronics

For Torque Transducers Torque Sensors and Indicators

  • Does your organisation possess a Torque transducer more than 1 year old?
  • Are you using it for measurement purposes?
  • Is its calibration certificate more than 1 year old?

If you have answered yes to the above, you should consider having the Torque transducer re-calibrated to verify that it is accurate and in good working order.

At Datum Electronics we can calibrate torque transducers for you and supply a full calibration certificate valid for 1 year.

We can also calibrate Third Party transducers and indicators, please contact our sales team for details.

All Datum Electronics torque calibrations and transducers are issued with calibration certificate, which adhere to the British Industry Standard BS7882: 1997. All products manufactured by Datum Electronics are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of invoice.


At Datum Electronics we can offer a repair service as well as calibration. In fact a calibration will include a 1 hour check and set up, after which we will advise if further work is required.

Prices for calibrations and repairs are available from our Sales team and you can contact them either by telephoning

+44 (0) 1983 282834
Or via email

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