Torque Trials Kit for shafts 30mm – 1100mm

The Datum Electronics Torque Trials Kit will supply all equipment necessary for assembly of a shaft torque (power) trials kit which can be utilised for industrial and marine ship shafts, between 150mm – 1100mm. An additional adaptor is also available for smaller shafts starting from 30mm in diameter.

Accurate Power & Torque Measurement

Datum Electronics Series 420 Marine Torque Trials Kit has been designed to measure the true mechanical torque, power and speed of your shaft. The System provides an accurate tool to assess and monitor propeller shafts on ships by measuring shaft speed, torque and power. This trials kit can be installed on a ships propeller shaft or shafts and uses strain gauge technology providing a highly accurate non-contact method of measuring shaft torque.

Long-Lasting Battery

The standard built-in battery can last between and 20-24 hours and is suitable for test applications; batteries are (Basic system) charged in-situ, by plugging in the inclusive charger. It is necessary to stop the shaft rotating to achieve this whilst the battery charges.

Up to 50 hours continuous Usage

Another feature available is to purchase the optional off shaft battery holder and charger unit. This enables batteries to either be replaced or re-charged as and when necessary. Additional batteries are also available. This reduces the time the shaft is stopped so the battery can be swapped quickly.

An additional optional feature may be purchased to extend the operational time to approx. 50 hours continuous use with a separate charger and an additional On-shaft battery unit and two spare batteries.

The Trials System

The Datum Electronics Torque Trails Kit is simple and easy to install. The System provides a display of the torque on the shaft. The torque signal is derived from strain gauges installed on to the shafts. The signals are transmitted from the shaft rotor to the shaft stator unit providing a display of torque.

Measuring Torque on a shaft can provide an array statistical data providing useful information on shaft performance. The Datum Electronics Torque Trials Kit does more than just measure Torque; it can also be used to verify power outputs from engines and motors.

  • Power Transmission
  • Torque Trials
  • Vibration and Torsional Acceleration
  • Power Transients
  • Peak Torque Levels
  • Power Delivery
  • Shaft Vibration

Data Analysis

marine log software

The Datum Electronics Torque Trials Kit accurately measures the on-shaft torque (kNm), speed of the shaft rotation (rpm) and the power (kW) that is going through the shaft. The data is transmitted from the shaft in a digital format that can be processed and scaled off-shaft.

The Trials Kit, once installed on shaft, transmits digital data (RS232) which can be monitored, analysed and recorded into our monitoring system. Because the data is digital, it is noise immune and easy to process with a USB or serial interface. This provides a clear clean signal of Torque with a system reliability of 0.1%

Installation of Trials Kit

One of the advantages is how easy the instrumentation is to install, set up, test and operate. The trials kit consists of three main component elements making this trials application system as easy and simple and possible.

The Shaft – The first basic element of the system requires a shaft between 60 – 1100mm in diameter which is accessible. The trials application uses strain gauges on the shaft which can determine the shaft torque, speed and power of the shaft. One of the first and most important aspects in the installation of the Series 420 Trials Kit is the on shaft application of the strain gauges. The strain gauges must be applied in the correct manner, the importance of attention to detail and precision adherence to instructions cannot be over stressed.

On-Shaft Electronics – The On-shaft electronics consist of a transmitter module and battery supply. Both modules are held to the shaft with a strapping kit. The data signal is transmitted off shaft to Receiver Module.

Receiver Unit – The Receiver Unit receives the data transmitted from the on-shaft transmitter module. The data is then converted and sent to a PC or laptop which will display and record the on-shaft data which will contain the torque data from the shaft and the speed data from the mounted speed sensor. The software utilises the torque and speed data providing power output from the shaft.

System Advantages

The Datum Series 420 Shaft Power & Torque Trials Kit has a number of advantages over other trials applications. The system is simple and easy to install logging directly to a PC or laptop with the aid of its installation software Disk.

  • Measures Shaft Power, Shaft Torque & Shaft Speed as a basic function
  • Easy to install with a step-by-step guide
  • Logs, records and displays ‘real time’ data
  • Portable & lightweight design
  • User Friendly software
  • Compatible with 2 data channels and shaft speed

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