Rotary mixing processes in a diverse range of industries from Bio-Chemical to Concrete production show significant changes in viscosity as the mixing cycle progresses.

Accurate & Reliable Measurement for Mixers

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An accurate and reliable real time measurement of the mixing viscosity has often been a missing element in the process control loop. Systems are produced that look at the input drive power of the motor, however these have limited accuracies and repeatability.

The Datum Series Rotary Power System (Torque) can provide a wide range of solutions. The system is modular and can be fitted to most mixer shafts or drive trains. The data output will interface to most PLC, PC and SCADA based control or data acquisition systems.

Direct measurement of the shaft power can however provide a stable and accurate control input that will enable improved quality control and energy savings to be implemented.

Flexible options for data output

The data from the direct shaft power measurement will provide :

  • Average Input Power to an accuracy of 0.1% with a repeatability of 0.04%
  • A total of the energy input into the process
  • A measure of the power fluctuation during the mixing process which is a good indicative measurement the mix consistency
  • A measure of mechanical power input overload to protect the drive system
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Wide range of industrial uses

Our Rotary Mixing Systems have been implemented on a wide range of industrial plants and applications from shaft size in test vessels of 10mm up to shaft hubs in heavy processes up to 450mm in diameter and beyond.

The control signals can be provided as averaged data or real time data (or both) according to the process. The averaged data will provide a highly stable and accurate measurement of power to indicate the changes in the process or the stop point of a process. The real time data can show the small fluctuations in the data. The standard outputs for the data are 4-20mA, 0-10Vdc or USB serial data.

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