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We are delighted to announce our involvement in the upcoming Digital Ship Athens conference that will be held in Athens on 23rd – 24th September 2021.

Datum Electronics are a world leader in supplying Marine Torsion Meters. We are the first company to produce the only fully modular Shaft Power Meter on the market which can be moved from vessel to vessel making it the only re-usable ship torque meter.
We take pride in appearing as one of the key sponsors of the event and two members of our team will be there in person to talk all things torque and power with the delegates.

Mark Gladdis our Business Development Manager who has a vast knowledge of the marine sector will be accompanied by our Lead Marine Project Engineer, Konstantinos Tsitsilonis, whose role at Datum it is to develop intelligent engine diagnostic algorithms, aimed at high-power applications found on ships.

Digital Ship publishes a monthly electronic and colour print magazine to provide information and the latest news covering the commercial shipping sector whilst focusing on improvements and developments in information technology and maritime communications.

The Digital Ship Athens expo will help explain current technology in the marine sector with discussion on how it can be improved. This event provides another great opportunity for our team to meet with our clients and collaborators and present the high-quality solutions Datum and our team offer.

Join us at the conference or book a meeting with Mark ( or Konstantinos ( for more information.

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