Last week was a busy week for the Datum team, with lots of things going on!

Firstly, Paul and George exhibited at the Automotive Testing Expo North America, with our American Distributor Comtel Corporation, where we were showcasing our cutting-edge torque sensors & transducers, bolt-on strain load sensors, and shaft power measurement devices. Our torque sensing solutions have been successfully used worldwide for performance, load and stress testing, compliance and environmental testing applications in the automotive industry.

We have also been working with numerous automotive manufacturers, supplying them with OEM bolt-on strain sensor solutions in high volumes for many years, and at the show, we released our new Series 469 Model Bolt-on Strain Sensor, specifically designed for dynamic load applications with increased compliance. The bolt-on strain sensors are capable of measuring loads across all types of vehicle axles, as well as vehicle structures, subjected to bending and other loads.

At the same time, Mark, our Marine Product Manager, travelled to the Offshore Energy Exhibition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In collaboration with our new Dutch distributors, Intertech B.V., we displayed our revolutionary shaft power measurement system, capable of providing real-time measurements of torque, power, and thrust (optional). The system has been designed with challenges of the offshore wind turbine industry in mind, where the true importance of preventative maintenance has been realised.

Datum Electronics is Exhibiting at the Offshore Energy Exhibition Netherlands

The Datum Condition Monitoring System for wind turbines is specifically designed to detect and prevent failures of generators, gearboxes, and rotor bearing failures in wind turbines, by highly accurate monitoring in real time and analysis, allowing staff schedule and carry our repairs at an early stage, saving considerably on unwanted replacements.

We want to say thank you to everyone who took the time to visit our stands and who talked with our team and partners. We enjoyed many inspiring conversations and were impressed by how well our products were received at both shows.

If you missed us at any of these recent shows, or have questions about our torque measurement and shaft power meter solutions, just drop us a line at

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Alternatively, you can contact our partners at Comtel in USA:


or Intertech Netherlands:

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+31(0)36 522 5885

We’d be happy to answer any questions you might have and help you to find the best possible solution for your application.

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