50KNm Coupling Torque Sensor

Torque Sensor Built into Coupling Spacer

Power and Torque Measurement can be incorporated into many drive lines without major disruption through the use of the Datum Electronics 420 Series Torque Sensors.

The 420 Series Torque Sensors can be incorporated into the majority of coupling spacers that with a clear tube length in excess of 50mm. The sensors can be factory installed onto almost any coupling and supplied as a complete calibrated system.

50000nm coupling spacer sensor

The product has been applied to couplings used within power stations, ships, steel works, cement mixing plant, heavy pumping plant and in heavy industrial test rigs measuring torques from 100Nm up to 300,000Nm. Significant saving have been made by adding accurate power monitoring to drive lines both in terms of efficiency saving and equipment protection and condition monitoring.

The 420 series sensor is applied to the coupling spacer tube, the sensor transmits shaft torque, speed and power to a stator mounted adjacent to the shaft. The sensor is inductively power directly from the stator. The sensors provide Serial Data (RS485) or analogue outputs (+/-10Vdc, 4-20mA) of shaft torque, speed and power.

The rotors are free running with no bearings and are designed to have extended duty cycles and operating life. An air gap ranging from 2mm to 12mm separates the rotor from the stator. Typical rotary speed for small couplings with tube diameters up to 100mm is 0-8000 rpm and 0-5000 rpm for a coupling tube of 200mm diameter.

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