Torque Transducer rated to IP68

The move towards sustainable energy throughout the world is driving the development of many systems to generate power. One such system, a tidal energy converter under development by Scotrenewables (Marine Power) Ltd., has undergone trials at Qinetiq’s hydrodynamic testing facilities.

submersible torque transducer rated to ip68

Underwater Torque

Essential measurement of output shaft torque and power within this trial was complete by using a Datum Electronics RS420 Series Torque transducer sealed for underwater use. The transducer used was designed as a direct replacement for the output shaft.

The rotor is inductively powered from the stator with no mechanical contact between them, this removes the need for bearing and the possibility of transmitting mechanical forces from the stator to the rotor.

Product Diversity

The RS420 Series is available to fit any shaft from 15mm diameter up to 500mm. It can be provided as a standard fit transducer or engineered into and existing transmission shaft. Datum Electronics have converted over 100 specialist designs shafts using the RS420 system. Its key advantages are its small size and the flexibility of engineering it onto an existing shaft. In many cases this provides great cost saving as other parts of the transmission line can remain unchanged.

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