Datum Offers Ship Performance Integrators flexible systems for shaft Power and torque

Do your systems require, or are your customers looking for, Real Shaft Power and Accurate Torque data?

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Are you looking to find ways to integrate, or do your customers demand, accurate information from your systems relating to Ships efficiency, performance and condition monitoring?

Datum Electronics Ltd. are experts and we have been providing Shaft Power monitoring solutions, and Ships Torsion meters to all industries and the Military for many years.

Our innovative and cost effective solutions are fast becoming the choice of major Providers to the Marine

Markets where accurate shaft power and torque data is expected and becoming the norm.

We supply a variety of flexible systems able to meet the demands of customers, and can work with your engineers to seamlessly integrate our systems into yours. In certain cases we can agree to “OEM” our products to suit your needs. 

Email: web@datum-electronics.co.uk

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Additionally, if you require training and expert advice about how your systems and customers can benefit from the additional data our equipment can provide, we can do that to.

A Worldwide Exporter, Datum Electronics Ltd. have a network of partners worldwide able to supply you with our equipment or if you are outside of these supported areas we can also assist.

We offer a wide range of products including:

Flexible Torsion meters

able to be easily installed onto vessel shafts to measure shaft Power, Torque and rpm.

High end, fast data systems

for examining dynamics and transients of Torque.

All our products can be configured with a variety of industry standard outputs enabling them to integrate with customer and ship systems.

We can even offer advice about the data that can be obtained and its effective analysis and processing

To get in touch with our team, use our contact form or contact us on:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1983 28 28 34
Fax: +44 (0) 1983 28 28 35

Commerical Enquiries: Email: web@datum-electronics.co.uk

We also have a network of partners, distributors and re-sellers around the globe able to assist you locally in certain areas,

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We look forward to hearing from you!

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