Carlton-Bates Company (CBC), a leading distributor of automation controls and electronic and electromechanical products, is now a distributor for  Datum Electronics’ Bolt-on Strain Sensors to the Oil & Gas markets in the U.S. The demand for robust strain, load and weight measurement solutions is constantly growing in the oil and gas market. Datum is pleased to partner with CBC.

Paul Lynch, Contracts and Sales Manager, met with the Oklahoma Oil and Gas team at CBC corporate headquarters in Little Rock. The meeting presented a great opportunity to discuss growth in industrial sales potential for all Datum products, including torque sensors, torque transducersand shaft power measurement products.

The team discussed the breadth of depth of what Datum Electronics are doing with torque sensing and strain measurement products.

Our thanks to all the CBC team, who looked after Paul during his visit.

Apart from the business itself, the team also acted as the perfect hosts, by arranging a trip to the local baseball ground. They also (patiently) explained the ins and outs of the game to Paul. Paul reciprocated by clarifying some of the peculiarities of the rules of English Cricket to our American partners.

Datum is proud of our expansive worldwide distributor network. For questions about our bolt-on Strain Sensors, Torque transducers or shaft power measurement equipment, or have a potential application in mind, please contact  Carlton-Bates a call in the U.S. at,  or drop us an email at 

Together with our dedicated U.S. distributor partners, we will continue to cover all your torque, shaft power, strain, load and weighing needs across the Northern American region.

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