We’re thrilled and extremely proud that our bolt-on strain gauge sensors have been nominated for the Best Onboard Weighing System in the Weighing Review Awards this year.

Our Bolt-On Strain Gauge sensors are a solution to many strain measurement, weighing and load applications where quick, simple, highly robust and repeatable installation is the key. Extremely reliable and rugged in design, they remove any need for highly skilled strain gauge expertise, No Gauge adhesives required, soldering, complex wiring and worry regarding environmental protection for the harshest of environments, even underwater!

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Main advantages include:

  • Simple installation on a production line, or retro-fitted
  • Quick and easy to install without any fine wiring or soldering, it simply bolts in position
  • Robust design allows the sensor to work in almost any environment, in any weather and even underwater
  • No disruption to the structure or struggle to find a way to install sensors in-line or cut into the structure (E.g. Silo weight measurement applications, no need for a load cell)
  • No complicated glue/adhesives procedures
  • No complex cleaning and installation process for strain measurement
  • Resistant to chemicals including: Dust, Water, Salt Spray, Urine, Paint, Dilute Acid Fuels: Diesel, Gasoline, Bio Diesel Oils: Lubricating, Hydraulic Coolant: Ethylene Glycol, Coolant Conditioner, Freon
  • Highly precise and repeatable data measurement
  • Basics outputs available as standard for full bridge strain gauge outputs, “off the shelf”
  • Can be tailored for high volume applications to suit your needs
  • Versions available for conditioned/amplified outputs
datum onboard weighing solution bolt on strain gauge sensors

With ever increasing legislation
, measuring load & weight in real time have become a real priority for a number of applications across various industries, covering automotive, marine, inventory control, process & handling, to name just a few. Some typical applications of Datum bolt-on sensors, successfully deployed in the past few years include:

  • Vehicle load measurement on a huge variety of Heavy off Road machinery, Trucks, Lorries, tele handlers/fork lifts and Agricultural vehicles.
  • Vehicle Tilt alarms, for telehandlers, by sensing axle load and bending during the load and extension or operation of the booms.
  • Dynamic monitoring for structures and processes in Oil production
  • Hoppers/Storage/Silo weight and load measurement, where it isn’t possible to install expensive load cells, requiring alteration to the Silo structure by modifying the legs and supporting structures.
  • Bridges and structures of all types
  • Oi rigs, and many many more.

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