Datum Electronics are committed to safeguarding the privacy of all our customers’ data and exceed the standards required by the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR which comes into effect on May 25th 2018. Our Privacy Statement covers the following points:

• What information we store
• How we collect information
• How the information is used
• How we protect your data
• Accessing your stored data at Datum Electronics Ltd

What Information we Store

Datum Electronics Ltd. only stores the information that we need to maintain a professional and effective business relationship with our customers, including:
• Company information
• Contact information
• Product-related information
• Field Service contact information

We use Google Analytics to ensure that our website and marketing strategies are as efficient as possible and we do not send unwanted information to our customers. We do not use tracking cookies about your visits to our website.
As a carbon-friendly company, we limit the amount of paper copies of information which we store, instead the majority of our data is stored securely in digital formats.
If you would like to know what information that Datum Electronics Ltd. holds please complete the data request form below.

How We Collect Information

Datum Electronics Ltd. only gathers information from direct business dealings and does not acquire data from third party sources for marketing. The information that we hold comes from;
• Direct contact requests; primarily from Datum Electronics Ltd. website
• Referral requests from our international partners
• Referral requests from service providers; i.e. Ship SERV/LinkedIn
• Quote requests
• Purchase Order
• Face to Face meetings, i.e. shows etc.

How the Information is Used

Datum Electronics Ltd. promises to only use the information store to maintain a positive and professional business relationship with our customers. We do not disclose any data with third-party marketing groups.
If you have given consent we may choose to send you direct marketing information about our products & services. We do not assume consent for marketing and if you should ever wish to remove your information from our mailing list this can be done by opting out from the mailshot or by contacting us direct.
As an international supplier of torque and shaft power measurement solutions, we work with several distributors to ensure that there is a local contact. We may share contact information with relevant partners, to ensure that Datum Electronics Ltd. offers effective communication channels with our customers.

How we Protect your Data

Datum Electronics Ltd. takes the security of our customers’ data seriously and has implemented strict technical and organisational safeguards to protect the integrity of data stored at Datum Electronics Ltd. This is to ensure the protection against; accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to Personal Data.
The data protection safeguards are regularly reviewed by the Management Team to ensure that Datum Electronics Ltd. maintains the highest standards of data protection for our customers. As part of this review, we will ensure that our agents comply with data protection standards and that they are also safeguarding any data stored at their sites.

Accessing your Data Stored at Datum Electronics Ltd.

You can talk to Datum Electronics Ltd. at any time to discuss your data for the following topics:
• What data is stored at Datum Electronics Ltd. via the Data Request Form
• Removal of your data for marketing purposes
• Erasure of your data from Datum Electronics Ltd.

This simple to use the data request form will let us know what you would like to do with regards to your data.