2-Hole Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensor

from 399.70$

Our series 460 2-hole bolt-on sensor is not only an essential product for measuring micro-straight, but it can also become an integral part of a strain monitoring system for using…

3-Hole Bolt-On Strain Gauge Sensor

from 539.15$

The series 460 3-hole bolt-on strain sensor has a unique design, eliminating the temperature effect on bending and strain of the application, and. can work in almost any environment and…

Custom Bolt-On Strain Sensors


Our custom bolt-on strain gauge sensors are designed and manufactured to your application, based on your drawings and specifications, including all types of output formats. Ideal for dynamic load monitoring,…

Silo Hawk / Silo Weighing System


Silo / Hopper / Bin Weighing Silo Hawk is the market-leading non-intrusive real time weighing solution for silos and other weighing apparatus such as hoppers and bins, using the high…

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Bolt-on Strain Measurement Sensors – Introduction

Datum Electronics bolt-on strain sensors are an ideal solution to many strain measurement requirements. They are robust, dust & water resistant, suitable for the harshest of environments, including high-stress level applications.

Bolt on strain gauge sensors are compact in size, can provide temperature compensation (see out 3-hole bolt-on sensors) and have been designed to be easily installed without soldering or gauge adhesive.

Typical Applications for Datum Strain Measurement Sensors

Worldwide installations for:

  • Silo Weighing
  • Tank Weighing
  • Hopper Weighing
  • Bin Weighing
  • Bunker Weighing
  • Container Weight Verification
  • and other large industrial uses

The strain sensors are also used as an onboard weighing solution, when mounted to a vehicle’s bridge or axle, acting as weighing scales and providing reliable and accurate data to a vehicle’s system as live continuous data. Forklift trucks (transporting packages of varying weights), articulated vehicles, dump trucks, and agricultural trailers also benefit from having the ability to gain real-time weight measurements.

Off-the-shelf or Custom Strain Measurement Sensors

Bolt-On strain gauge and measurement sensors can be mass produced for customers requiring an OEM solution for their particular application, meaning you can have a load sensor tailored to your requirements, supplied in volumes, which can be retro fitted or installed in your production line.


  • Why should I choose Datum Electronics strain gauge, measurement sensors and amplifiers?

    Datum’s bolt-on strain gauge and measurement sensors have been developed to suit the harshest of environments – they are robust and water-resistant, and can be installed without soldering or special adhesives

  • What are the most common applications for Datum’s off-the-shelf strain measurement sensors and amplifiers?

    Datum Electronics’ range of bolt-on strain measurement sensors are regularly used in industrial applications such as Silo Weighing, Tank Weighing, Hopper Weighing, Bunker Weighing, Bin Weighing, Container Weight Verification and Onboard Vehicle Weighing

  • Can Datum’s standard strain gauges provide temperature compensation?

    Yes – our 3-hole bolt-on strain gauge can provide temperature compensation, along with a live continuous data stream to a vehicle’s systems

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