Bolt-on Strain Sensor – Introduction

Datum Electronics bolt-on strain sensors are an ideal solution to many strain measurement requirements. They are robust, dust & water resistant, suitable for the harshest of environments, including high-stress level applications.

Bolt on strain gauge sensors are compact in size, can provide temperature compensation (see out 3-hole bolt-on sensors) and have been designed to be easily installed without soldering or gauge adhesive.

Typical Applications for Datum Strain Sensors

They have been successfully used in silo weighing, tank weighing, hopper weighing bin weighing, bunker weighing, and large industrial applications worldwide.

The strain sensors are also used as an onboard weighing solution, when mounted to a vehicle’s bridge or axle, acting as weighing scales and providing reliable and accurate data to a vehicle’s system as live continuous data. Forklift trucks (transporting packages of varying weights), articulated vehicles, dump trucks, and agricultural trailers also benefit from having the ability to gain real-time weight measurements.

Off-the-shelf or Custom Strain Sensors

Bolt-On strain gauge sensors can be mass produced for customers requiring an OEM solution for their particular application, meaning you can have a load sensor tailored to your requirements, supplied in volumes, which can be retro fitted or installed in your production line.


  • Why should I choose Datum Electronics strain gauge sensors?

    Datum’s bolt-on strain sensors have been developed to suit the harshest of environments – they are robust and water-resistant, and can be installed without soldering or special adhesives

  • What are the most common applications for Datum’s off-the-shelf strain sensors?

    Datum Electronics’ range of bolt-on strain sensors are regularly used in situations such as silo weighing, tank / hooper / bunker weighing, onboard vehicle weighing and many more industrial applications

  • Can Datum’s standard strain gauges provide temperature compensation?

    Yes – our 3-hole bolt-on strain gauge can provide temperature compensation, along with a live continuous data stream to a vehicle’s systems

  • How can I measure the weight of my silo?

    A: There are several ways that this can be done, the simplest and easiest way which doesn’t require any major modifications to the Silo is to use the existing structure and apply the Datum Bolt-On Strain sensors to these to give simple and accurate torque measurement.  Datum Electronics offer a range of smart weighing solutions for Silo’s giving customers real time accurate information which can include visuals of load status and alarms for when Silo levels are low.  These can also be used in a preventative state as the Bolt-On Sensors will look at the strain levels on the Silos in case of potential failure.