Datum Electronics C441 Helical Screw Pile Torque Monitoring System is a highly precise wireless torque monitoring and data logging system with 0.3% accuracy. It is specifically designed to measure heavy-duty torque, angle measurement, axial load measurement, shaft RPM measurement and is used to determine the capacity of a screw pile.

Screw piles, are most commonly used in civil engineering to support large compressive and tensile loads of various structures, ranging from bridges, short and tall buildings, machine foundation to pipeline supports. An accurate measurement of torque applied to the screw pile during installation is used as a means of quality control and quality assurance.

The C441 Helical Screw Piles Torque Monitoring system has an extremely robust and rugged design, provides precise torque and angle data measurement and can be used in a wide range of drilling applications, including helical pile (also known as a screw pier in the USA) installations and cast in place CFA.

The Helical Screw Pile Torque Monitoring System also has a smartphone app, that can be downloaded from Google Play and App Store. The torque data is shown in the app in real time and offers the ability to be downloaded, exported to Excel and emailed to anyone.