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Tractor PTO Shaft Monitoring System

Farm Smarter with Agricultural Equipment Monitoring Our Power Take Off Shaft Torque & Power Monitoring System, part of Datum’s Smart Farming Solutions, will monitor and log the torque, shaft speed…

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Smart Farming – Optimize Tractor Performance with Real-Time PTO Power Monitoring

The Datum Electronics Series 420 PTO system unlocks a powerful new way to analyze and optimize your tractor’s performance. This innovative system seamlessly monitors and logs torque, shaft speed, and transmitted power directly from your standard PTO shaft.

Gain Valuable Insights, Improve Efficiency

By measuring real-time PTO shaft power, the system becomes a powerful research and analysis tool. Uncover hidden efficiency gains in your tractor’s transmission system, allowing for data-driven decisions to optimize performance, identify alignment issues and potentially reduce fuel consumption.

Simple Installation, Reliable Results

Datum’s Tractor PTO shaft monitoring system boasts non-contact transmission for reliable operation and ease of interfacing. This compact and robust transducer easily installs onto your existing PTO shaft and delivers a digital output directly proportional to torque. Enjoy quick and easy setup for immediate access to valuable insights.

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