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TVA detects subtle changes in marine engine vibration that can indicate wear, misalignment or impending failures.  By continually monitoring engine performance, maintenance teams can plan timely intervention, preventing costly breakdowns…

Marine Shaft Power Meter Systems

Shaft Monitoring Datum’s Marine Shaft Power Meter Systems are developed to provide real time and ongoing power monitoring data on propulsion shafts, thrusters and diesel generators.  These devices are commonly…

Naval Shaft Power Meter Systems

Series 420 Naval Shaft Power Meter System has passed rigorous MOD and MIL testing programmes and is able to provide an accurate tool to monitor propeller shafts on ships by…

Shaft Power Measurement Kits

SPMK Systems are undergoing improvements to match our Type Approved Shaft Power Meter System (SPM) and have a longer readiness date, please discuss with sales. Shaft Power Measurement Kits are…

Wind Turbine Efficiency, Condition & Vibration Monitoring System

Monitoring Wind Turbine Efficiency Datum’s Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System is suitable for both offshore and onshire wind turbines. It is designed monitor turbine efficiency, detect and prevent failures of…

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Having almost 30 years of experience as a manufacturer, Datum Electronics has been researching and developing shaft power measurement solutions for the marine and other industries, for ship performance monitoring, monitoring fuel consumption, engine condition and maintenance needs.

Our marine shaft power meter systems measure shaft torque, power, propulsion, rpm and thrust (if required), to ensure optimum performance is maintained throughout the lifecycle of a vessel. Using highly accurate & reliable strain gauge technology, combined with cutting-edge electronics, our system has an accuracy of 0.1%. It can be installed and commissioned within 1-2 days on a variety of shafts including intermediate shafts, thrusters, propellers and controllable pitch propellers. Our technology, along with our expertise in dynamic sampling of strain gauges, enable us to unlock a significant amount of information regarding the performance of the engine & propulsion shaft, along with the propeller.

Using Datum Electronics’ Shaft Power Meter system enables ship owners and ship operators to comply with ALL the new international regulations. Additionally, accurate shaft power measurement can highlight when essential maintenance such as hull cleaning, engine and propeller maintenance is required, helping to reduce running costs even further.

In addition, we also design and manufacture temporary shaft power measurement kits, capable of measuring and monitoring shaft power accurately in the field, including sea trials testing. Available in two formats (compact and standard), the standard kit provides data for long duration trials of 30-60 days and is supplied in a robust weatherproof shaft housing. The compact version, with the battery life of up to 30 hours, is portable and ideal for both smaller shaft diameters and single day sea trials.

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