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Custom Industrial Torque Sensors

Custom Torque Sensors Datum Electronics are able to provide both modular and custom designed torque and rotary strain measurement solutions, which can be complete as one off or as fully…

Custom Shaft Torque Sensor Solutions

Shaft Torque Sensors & Meters We also offer rotary power sensors, rotary torque sensors and torque meters that are capable of measurements above our standard range of 20,000NM to meet…

FF425 Non Contact Flange Torque Sensor

Non-Contact Torque Sensor Contactless Torque Transducers with flange couplings at either end with measuring ranges from 0-100Nm up to 30kNm as standard (bespoke sensors up to 16MNm) for a variety…

Large Torque Sensor

LTS (Large Torque Sensor) Datum Electronics Ltd are the manufacturer of some of the largest inline torque measurements systems in the World where we accurately measure torques of up to…

M425 Rotary Torque Sensor and Rotational Torque Transducer

Rotary Torque Sensor M425 rotary torque sensor with keyway shafts offers high accuracy of 0.1% and torque measurement range from 0-10Nm up to 60,000Nm as standard. It’s an inline rotation…

RS425 Contactless Torque Transducer

Contactless Torque Transducers These contactless Torque Transducers are not limited by operational speeds, can fit any shaft and capable of measuring torque from 1nm and up to 500knm, providing highly…

Torque Sensors, Transducers, Meters and Displays – Measure Torque On Any Shaft

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Datum Electronics is a world-leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of products

  • Torque sensors
  • In Line Torque transducers
  • Torque meters
  • Torque Interface Data Repeater Displays
  • Weight & load sensors
  • Power Meter Displays
  • Shaft power measurement solutions

Datum Electronics offers a wide range of reliable and accurate torque sensors, drawing on over 30 years of experience in torque measurement. We specialise in both standard, off-the-shelf solutions and custom devices tailored to your specific requirements.

We offer static & rotary in line torque measurement solutions from 1 To 500,000Nm. A variety of mounting configurations are available for our wide range of standard sensors, and our custom devices can be made to fit your own installations perfectly.

Our Standard Torque Measurement Products

Datum’s M425 series torque sensors uses advanced strain gauge technology to deliver high-precision, reliable torque measurement with excellent noise rejection. These versatile sensors can be mounted in various configurations, including shaft-to-shaft, flange-to-flange, or spline couplings, making them ideal for testing motors, engines, gears, and other applications on your test bench.

Datum’s extensive range of rotary and static torque sensors utilizes cutting-edge strain gauge technology to measure torque from a low of 10 Nm to a massive 60,000 Nm. We offer various mounting options to suit your specific needs, including shaft, keyway, flange, and even custom configurations. All our torque sensors are designed for seamless integration with most existing torque measurement setups.

Torque Transducer Interfaces

Our range of torque sensors and transducers can be interfaced with a wide variety of analog and digital systems as we offer several outputs, including: 4-20mA, +/- 10Vdc, RS232, RS485 and USB.

The Datum Torque Sensor Data Repeater Display is an innovative device bridging the gap between your existing torque sensor and your monitoring needs. It seamlessly receives raw torque data from your sensor, amplifies it for optimal clarity, and presents it on a user-friendly display.

Custom Design Torque Sensors

Need to measure rotational force on a shaft? Whether it’s an engine, drivetrain, transmission, motor, or pump, our comprehensive torque sensor range has you covered. See our range at the top of the page to find the perfect fit.

Struggling to find the right sensor? Our experts are here to help! Contact our team to discuss your specific application and explore custom design options.

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