Wind Turbine Efficiency, Condition & Vibration Monitoring System

Monitoring Wind Turbine Efficiency Datum’s Wind Turbine Condition Monitoring System is suitable for both offshore and onshire wind turbines. It is designed monitor turbine efficiency, detect and prevent failures of…

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Wind Turbine Gearbox, Bearing & Shaft Monitoring

Datum Electronics Ltd specialises in the supply of wind turbine gearbox, bearing, shaft torque and power monitoring systems to the renewables industry and many others.

It has also become increasingly apparent in recent years that the wind turbine industry has recognised the importance of condition-based monitoring, especially for offshore wind turbines, where access is often limited.

Turbine Condition Monitoring

To increase reliability and minimise down time, many wind turbine manufacturers, owners and operators are turning to condition-based monitoring systems, aimed at predicting wind turbine maintenance issues, so that operators can quickly and effectively carry out predictive maintenance, repairs and replacements of components when needed, without the need for costly routine maintenance checks and visits. As a result, a condition monitoring system increases operational time, improves site performance and reduces maintenance costs for wind turbines, especially offshore ones.

Modular, Maintenance-Free Turbine Monitoring

With almost 30 years of experience in providing torque measurement systems, Datum Electronics has brought to market our Wind Turbine Torque and Power Condition Monitoring systems, aimed at improving the site performance and reducing maintenance costs by providing accurate data and helping to resolve faults before the failure to a wind turbine occurs. Datum wind turbine condition monitoring system is fully modular, easy to install, completely maintenance free and provides highly accurate data. Furthermore, by just using one installed sensor, it is extremely cost-effective, unlike some vibration-based condition monitoring systems which are available.

With the system attached to the driveline of a wind turbine, for example, between the gearboxes and generator, it provides accurate measurement of torque, power, (with options for thrust and dynamic torque data), providing essential information on components, in real-time (regardless of variable operating conditions). The data can also be transmitted on shore, highlighting potential damage and detecting possible breakdowns before they occur.

Remote Monitoring and Support Services

Aside from the installation of the condition monitoring system, Datum Electronics’ team also offers reporting and ongoing support services. Want to know more? Get in touch with our team today!

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