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Shaft Torque Sensors & Meters

We also offer rotary power sensors, rotary torque sensors and torque meters that are capable of measurements above our standard range of 20,000NM to meet the needs of our customers within a commercial environment.

Our standard torque sensor range incorporates the measurement of torque up to 60,000Nm,  these provide solutions to most test and monitoring requirements

Key Features

Key Features

Custom Shaft Torque Sensor Solution and Shaft Power Meter

Our custom shaft torque sensor solutions open up opportunities to incorporate torque sensing into existing machinery or test rig designs without changing the drive line. A custom sensor reduces the cost of changing couplings and machinery positions, they also maintain the dynamic of the drive system improving test results. We design and manufacture custom torque sensors capable of measuring from 2 Nm up to 40 MNm. Over the last year, Datum Electronics have made small torque sensors to fit sensitive handling equipment and the world’s largest ever torque sensor.

A custom shaft torque sensor can improve test rig design and machine, therefore, we design torque sensors that replace existing drive shafts and couplings. A custom torque sensor saves time and cost of adapting drive lines. Sensors can be delivered in surprisingly short time frames often faster than the time spent adapting to a rig.

All of Datum Custom Torque Sensors use our well-proven Series 425 and 426 electronics which provide high levels of accuracy and resolution. These products are used as Rotary Torque Transducers, Reaction Torque Sensors, and Digital Torque Meters.

Rotary or static applications, shaft trials or telemetry systems, custom shaft torque sensor solutions engineered to fit of free issue couplings, whatever your requirements Datum Electronics have the expertise and experience to offer the right torque measurement solution at a competitive price.

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    • How can I work out the Torque for my test, I only have the Motor Speed and power?
      Datum Electronics Ltd can work with the customer to calculate the expected torque using known measurement principle and suggest an appropriate torque sensor for you like our M425`
    • What if I don’t know my maximum torque measurement load?
      Datum Electronics torque sensors have a safety factor built into them for 150% overload protection. Our technical sales team will be happy to work with you to help you choose the right sensor
    • What is the smallest torque that you can measure?
      Our standard RS425 Size 1-Al is a 0-3Nm transducer which will give an accuracy of better than 0.1% of the full scale allowing for measurement in the Ncm range.

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