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LTS (Large Torque Sensor)

Datum Electronics Ltd are the manufacturer of some of the largest inline torque measurements systems in the World where we accurately measure torques of up to 84MNm as sold to some of our valued customers including GE and Siemens.

Based on our expertise for these systems Datum Electronics are introducing the LTS range to our customers requiring to accurately measure Torques from 40kNm up to 500kNm. The LTS (Large Torque Sensor) systems are designed using flanged coupling spacers to allow for simple and efficient inline installation. Datum Electronics have designed a standard range for the LTS systems to allow customers to easily plan and integrate the LTS range into their own test stands.

The LTS Systems offers our customers precise on-shaft torque measurement solutions with a wide range of outputs including digital, selectable analogues and a display included as standard.

For those customers who have specific requirements such as higher sample rates for dynamic torque data for analysis and/or any specific integration requirements such as customer PCD’s etc. please talk with our sales team who are happy to discuss making the LTS the right solution to your torque measurement needs.

Key Features
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Key Features

LTS Features

  • Electronics Accuracy 0.1%
  • Digital Sample Rates 100sps as standard [upgradeable to 1,000sps]
  • Simple Design for integration
  • IP65 rated
  • Features a Touch Screen Controller that shows Torque, Speed & Power
  • Digital Outputs as RS485 & Modbus with digital repeater function
  • Selectable Analogue Outputs for Torque, Speed & Power: 0-10V, +/-10V, 4-20mA, 12+/-8mA
  • Customisable Design work for drivetrain integration

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      100 SPS Torque Measurement1000SPS upgrade option available
      1 RPM Speed Measurement
      Calculated Power Measurement
      Torque Electronics Accuracy of 0.1%Final Accuracy dependant on coupling design and material specification
      Range pricing shown is on Datum Standard Coupling DrawingCustomer Specific Flange Design Service available as extra for simple integration - please discuss with sales
      Calibration Certificate IncludedPart mathematical and part physical calibration supplied
      Physical Full Scale Calibration Upgrade Available
      - Please discuss with sales
      Includes Touch Screen Controller with calibrated outputs for Torque, Speed & PowerDigital Outputs - RS485 or MODBUS
      3 x Channel Analogue Output
      Selectable as 0-10V, +/-10V, 4-20mA, 12+/-8mA
      Remote Ethernet Repeater FunctionDependant on customer network configuration
      Includes Single Point Stator for simple integrationPost Mount Included in Price



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