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FF410 Static Reaction Torque Transducer has been designed with nominal rated torque levels from 100 to 10,000 NM. Using standard din flanges, this static transducer is made more efficient than other options available.

The Datum Electronics Series F410 Static reaction torque sensors were developed following demand from our customers, looking to measure static or reactionary torque. The FF410 series of static reaction torque transducers use the same basic shaft components and strain gauge technology, that have been applied to our 420 Rotary Torque transducer range, providing a cost-effective torque measurement solution for the static transducer market.

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Key Features

Key Features

FF410 Reaction Torque Transducer Features

  • Accurate On Shaft Torque Measurement
  • Flange Mounted Static Torque Transducer
  • Flexible Rig/Drive Train Fittings (DIN Size Flanges)
  • Ideal Design For Easy Fitting to Test Rigs and Drive Systems
  • Low Maintenance (Lightweight hollow shaft sensor)
  • High Torsional Stiffness Model
  • Standard Torque Sensor Range from 100Nm-10,000Nm
  • Full Bridge Strain Gauge Output (compatible with Datum Type310, Type324, Type 300 Indicators).

FF410 Static Torque Sensor Measurement Range

The Series 410 Reaction Torque Transducers have been designed with a nominal rated torque level in Nm. Nominally rated torque levels include:

  • 100 Nm
  • 250 Nm
  • 500 Nm
  • 1,000 Nm
  • 2,000 Nm
  • 5,000 Nm
  • 10,000 Nm

We also can modify the torque range to include lb/ft, in/lbs or similar based upon your requirements.

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    • Flanged Static Torque Transducer
    • Low Maintenance
    • Static Torque Measurement
    • Full Bridge Strain Gauge Output
    • Flexible Rig/Drive Train Fittings (DIN Size Flanges)
    • Simple Calibration included as standard



        Operating Temperature0 to +70˚C (+32 to +158˚F)
        Environmental ProtectionIP54 (IP68 to order)
        Cable Length4m as standard, longer if required
        Combiner Error0.2% FSD
        Sensitivity1.8mV/V (nominal) Hysteresis / Repeatability: 0.1% of FSD
        Excitation Voltage5-15 VDC
        Max Overload Capacity150% of full load
        Bridge Resistance700 ohms (nominal)



      • How can I work out the Torque for my test, I only have the Motor Speed and power?

        Datum Electronics Ltd can work with the customer to calculate the expected torque using known measurement principle and suggest an appropriate torque sensor for you like our M425`

      • What if I don’t know my maximum torque measurement load?

        Datum Electronics torque sensors have a safety factor built into them for 150% overload protection. Our technical sales team will be happy to work with you to help you choose the right sensor

      • What is the smallest torque that you can measure?

        Our standard RS425 Size 1-Al is a 0-3Nm transducer which will give an accuracy of better than 0.1% of the full scale allowing for measurement in the Ncm range.

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