4-20mA Load Cell Amplifier

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The Type 131 Load Cell Amplifier is designed to interface to a full bridge strain gauge based bolt-on load cell or similar sensor, allowing use of the resultant data in a more efficient and productive way.

This model load cell amplifier, Type 131, can be calibrated to provide a 4-20mA output for a fixed load range from the sensor

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Key Features

Key Features

Type 131 Load Cell Amplifier

The new design is now RoHS compliant to required industry standards with extra features including:

  • Bridge Resistance between 120 – 2,000ohms
  • 4 wire connection to Load Cell
  • 12V – 24V power supply
  • Operating Temperature: – 20ºC to 50ºC
  • Provides Bridge Excitation Voltage 8.0V
  • Linearity 1:4000
  • Bipolar Output is an optional configuration
  • RoHS compliant, the Type 131 Load Cell Amplifier supersedes the Type 121 Load Cell Amplifier

The Type 131 Load Cell Amplifier’s basic function is to amplify the signal from any sensor with full bridge connection, such as Datum’s two hole, three hole and custom bolt-on

Amplifying this signal allows the user to use the data from the bolt-on device in a more efficient and productive way. Reading its signal is difficult, but with an amplifier, the job is made simpler, easier and more efficient.’

Product Specification

  • Type 131 (A) 0.25mV/V – 0.85mV/V
  • Type 131 (B) 0.65mV/V – 1.65mV/V
  • Type 131 (C) 1.5mV/V – 2.5mV/V
  • Type 131 (D) 2.25mV/V – 3.25mV/V

The Type 131 range is fully compatible with all conventional strain gauge load cell, pressure transducers and torque transducers.

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