What is torque?

Torque is a measure of the force that can cause an object to rotate about an axis.

Imagine pushing a box to make it move faster in a straight line. That push is force.  Now, picture a merry-go-round speeding up its spin.  The twist that makes it spin faster is torque.  It’s like a push, but for turning things instead of moving them in a straight line.

Understanding Torque Measurement

Have you ever wondered how much twisting force a car engine produces? That’s where torque measurement comes in! It’s like measuring strength, but instead of pushing or pulling, it’s about twisting.

The most common unit for torque measurement is the Newton-meter (Nm). In simpler terms, imagine a wrench turning a nut. The Nm rating tells you how much force (measured in Newtons) is applied at a certain distance (measured in meters) from the nut.

In some places, you might see foot-pounds (ft-lbs) used. This can be confusing because “pound” can refer to weight or force. Here, it means pound-force, which is the force Earth’s gravity exerts on a one-pound object. Luckily, 1 Nm is roughly equal to 1.74 ft-lbs, so the difference isn’t massive.

Measuring Torque: Easy When It’s Still, Tricky When It Spins

Imagine tightening a bolt with a wrench. That’s a static torque – easy to measure by multiplying the applied force with the length of the wrench (the moment arm).

But things get trickier when measuring torque in a spinning system like an engine or wind turbine shaft. One method involves measuring the tiny bends (strain) in the shaft caused by the twisting force and transmitting that information wirelessly.

By understanding torque measurement, you can appreciate the twisting power of engines, wrenches, and even everyday objects!

Torque Measurement

Torque measurement provides an insight into the actual rotary forces at work. The data will give you

• Absolute Levels of Torque for Machinery Protection and Process Control

• Transient Torque – Peak Torque, Torque Events that may damage your machinery

• Torsional Vibration – for Testing and Condition Monitoring of drivelines

Datum’s range of torque measurement instrumentation will provide accurate dynamic and static torque data to a high resolution. The instrumentation can be supplied as standard transducers or in engineered solutions.

Torque Calculator

To calculate the Torque (Nm), enter your Power (WATTS) and RPM below.