Our sensors are planting trees

One way we are battling climate change is by taking part in the Ecologi scheme. Ecologi help businesses and everyday people lower their impact on the planet by supporting  projects on a monthly basis that benefit the environment. With this in mind we have decided that for every standard sensor we sell we will plant a tree in our Ecologi forest helping projects across the globe. We have just started over the last 2 months and our forest is already growing.

Datum Electronics is helping customers save energy and improve the energy efficiency of their products through our permanent and temporary accurate torque & power measurement solutions.  Whether it’s a single engine, or a whole vessel fleet, our products facilitate lower energy use and fuel consumption, whilst increasing safety.

Datum Products & Services

Datum Electronics is a worldwide leader of innovative sensor technology, that can be applied to a range of industries. Our torque sensors and the data they provide has been a key to improvements in the design, operational efficiency and maintenance of machinery worldwide, making significant contributions to the cleaner operation of tidal and wind turbines, heavy vehicles, rail engines and heavy industrial plants. We are also taking action to create a more sustainable shipping industry, by reducing emissions and optimising vessel performance.

Our inline torque sensors, bolt-on strain sensors and shaft power measurement solutions have been successfully implemented in many industrial applications, helping our customers to:

  • increase the operational efficiency of newly developed motors, pumps and gearboxes;
  • respond and comply with new stringent regulations in the fishing industry;
  • prevent breakdowns on production lines;
  • improve concrete production, by measuring the viscosity;
  • reduce unplanned breakdowns in a coal mine within the Australia’s Hunter Valley;
  • increase performance efficiency of both commercial and Naval vessels globally;
  • reduce energy and fuel consumption of whole fleets, thereby reducing emissions worldwide;
  • lower resources and production cost by simple and accurate torque measurement.

Why Sustainability Matters?

Growing population, urbanisation, climate change, resource scarcity, water scarcity, and the increase in greenhouse gasses – all these negative by-products of industrial activity have incentivised us to make profound changes to the environment and the way in which we live. To sustain society in the long term, more companies across multiple industries are including sustainability as an important goal of their business strategy. What started as a small trend, is no longer simply a nice to have, but an imperative for every business, regardless of sector and size.

For the past three decades, Datum Electronics have been working with their customers to provide them with the data they need, to reduce the effect they have on our planet and ensure a better life for future generations.

Importance of Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing can be implemented using eco-friendly practices and materials, and the aim is to reduce the harmful impact to the environment, whilst conserving energy and protecting our natural resources. This requires a very different approach to production, distribution and consumption of products and services.

Many of these activities are generally focused on improving the efficiency of equipment and processes, lowering energy consumption, decreasing manufacturing time, reducing waste, as well as providing significant cost savings for both manufacturers and their customers.

We, at Datum Electronics Limited, recognise the importance of making a commitment to the practical short and long-term benefits of implementing environmentally conscious improvements.


For this reason, we incorporate positive environmental processes into all aspects of the company, and, as part of this eco-efficient ethos, we’ve been awarded an NQA ISO 9001:2015 certificate. This accreditation recognises that our quality management system enables us to operate globally in a consistent, reliable and more efficient manner, as well as reach new markets.

Research & Development

Research and development is an essential key to a sustainable future for Datum Electronics and for the past decade, we have been investing almost 10% of our annual revenue into R&D projects. We have been developing leading-edge technology for the marine, wind turbine and industrial markets, as well as upgrading our testing equipment to ensure quality of our products and improving infrastructure for more efficient manufacturing.

If you want to know more about our commitment to sustainability, please take an opportunity to read our case studies, or simply give our team a call. We’d be happy to discuss!