Silo Hawk

Non-Intrusive Weighing Solution

Silo Hawk is the market-leading non-intrusive real-time weighing and load monitoring solution for silos and other apparatus, using the high accuracy measurement solutions from our Bolt-on Sensors range.

Datum Silo Hawk non-intrusive silo weighing – example screenshot
Datum Hawk real-time engine condition monitoring – example screenshot

Datum Hawk

The future of Condition Monitoring is here!

The Datum Hawk system provides real-time condition monitoring of an engine along with every individual cylinder. Now you can measure and display specific fuel oil consumption for optimal vessel efficiency optimisation.

Cargo Hawk

Container Weight Verification

Cargo Hawk is a non-intrusive SOLAS-compliant Container Weight Verification System.

Using Datum Electronics’ patented, highly accurate bolt-on strain gauge sensors, Cargo Hawk seamlessly integrates with new and existing container handling equipment without the need to introduce expensive high-wearing consumable load monitoring hardware.

Datum Cargo Hawk container weight verification – example screenshot
Datum EEXI ShaPoLi solution – example screenshot
Datum EEXI ShaPoLi solution – logo

Datum EEXI

Datum’s shaft power limitation (ShaPoLi) solution provides the necessary features and functionality to comply with the MARPOL Annex VI (prevention of air pollution from ships) EEXI regulations, relating to CO2 emissions from cargo vessels.

Auger Hawk

Auger Hawk is a contactless wireless measurement system measuring heavy-duty helical screw pile torque, thrust, angle and rpm statistics and presenting them in real time linked to a typical smart phone or tablet.

Datum Auger Hawk – helical screw pile torque sensor – example screenshot